Tuesday, May 22-Thursday, May 24

For the next several days we will do some review work to prepare for Photoshop certifications. Pick up assignment sheets from the front desk. You should complete the Quizstar practice on Tuesday. Do not begin the Certiport practice until Wednesday/Thursday, as you only get one attempt and it must be completed all in one sitting (you have 60 minutes to complete the practice test).

Non exempt seniors in periods 6 and 7 should report to this room during your final exam; you will take the certification test at that time. You will not have time to complete all of the review; focus on completing the Certiport practice or as much as you can of it on Tuesday.

Monday, April 9-Monday, May 21

Welcome to the final six weeks of the school year! We will spend this time completing our capstone final project "Rock Band", which you received last week. It can also be found on your class wiki page. See below for a list of check point due dates and rubrics for this project. This project counts for 70% of your final exam grade.

Wednesday/Thursday, April 4/5

Today we will complete any peer reviews still outstanding. For most class periods this is only one video.

We will then begin our six weeks Capstone Project. You will receive the packet in class and it is also posted on your class wiki page. This is 70% of your FINAL EXAM! We will have checkpoints along the way; EVERY grade for the final six weeks will be related to this project. Have fun and most importantly ROCK ON!

Tuesday, April 3

Today we will peer review Westside news projects. We will peer review as a class. Peer review work may not be made up. If your video has not been submitted, it will NOT be peer reviewed, see below.

Monday, April 2

We will have one additional "Catch up" day so that everyone has an opportunity to complete the Westside news project. If your project is not turned in by the end of today, it will NOT be peer reviewed and you will receive a maximum grade of 75 if turned in prior to the late date which is THURSDAY, April 5. NO WORK ACCEPTED AFTER APRIL 5. TURN THIS IN ON TIME!!! There are no retakes for LATE work.

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday March 28-30

Continue working on video projects. Projects are due at the end of the day on Friday.

Monday/Tuesday, March 26-27

Only Periods 1/7 will meet during these two days due to STAAR testing. Continue working on your Westside News project.

Thursday/Friday March 22-23

Continue working on project we began yesterday. Reminder that your homework assigned yesterday is due at the beginning of class Friday. All scripts should be completed by the end of Friday (Periods 2/6) or Monday (Periods 1/7) and need to be signed off by Mrs. Clayton before you can proceed to filming.

Wednesday, March 21

Today we will begin the "Westside News" group video project. Please refer to the project sheet for specifics. As part of this project you have HOMEWORK! You will need to watch a 30 minute local news broadcast at home, complete the assignment sheet, have it signed by a parent or guardian, and return it to me by the beginning of class FRIDAY. This is part of your research on how to structure a news broadcast.

The first step in this project is to research the topics and then create a script for your newscast. The script must be typed and approved by Ms. Clayton BEFORE you may begin filming. You should spend today collaborating with your group on story ideas and beginning to write your script.

Tuesday, March 20

Due to testing ONLY 1st period Digital Media (non-juniors) will complete this assingment. We will watch a video biography of Steve Jobs(see link to episode below). You should take notes and after the video, type out 10 Facts about Steve Jobs that you learned from the video. Turn this in to the drop folder.

Monday, March 19

Speaker today-Jessica Hinojosa from Devry University. She will discuss programs of study and career options available in the technology field.
Tomorrow--Periods 1 and 7 will meet. Period 1 (non-juniors) will meet in Rm. N225. Period 7 will meet here.

Thursday/Friday, March 8/9

1. Movie Maker Quiz
2. Today we will begin working with video clips in Movie Maker. First we will have a short tutorial on the use of Kodak Mini cameras. Here is the link to the tutorial:

3. Complete "How To" video assignment. this assignment is due at the end of class TODAY. Remember that the focus of this assignment is on PROCEDURES rather than video quality. You will have to work quickly and efficiently to finish.

Wednesday, March 7

Due to testing ONLY 7th period meets today. We will wtach a video biography of Steve Jobs(see link to episode below). You should take notes and after the video, type out 10 Facts about Steve Jobs that you learned form the video. Turn this in to the drop folder.

Tuesday, March 6

All Ergonomics video projects are due TODAY. If you do not finish, you must come to tutorials THIS WEEK to finish. No late projects will be accepted after Spring Break.

Friday/Monday March 2/5

1. Continue working on Ergonomics Video Assignment. This will be due on Tuesday.
2. Retakes/Make-Ups for the Midterm Test we took last Tuesday will be tomorrow at lunch.

Wednesday/Thursday, February 29/March 1

1. Finish your ergonomics essay from yesterday if you have not already. Drop this in the drop folder.
2. Begin your ergonomics video assignment; this will be due Tuesday.


Tuesday, February 28

1. Mid Term Test
2. After you finish the test, begin research the topic of ergonomics. Use the link below to find information and take notes on your handout from yesterday(see below). Begin collecting appropriate photographs that you can use in your movie; set up a folder on your Z drive and save the pictures all in this folder. See below for specifics.

Monday, February 27

1. As a class, we will be introduced to Movie Maker software.
2. Research the topic of Ergonomics for our first movie assignment. Use this link
http://presentationsoft.about.com/od/classrooms/a/ergo_lesson_all_2.htm to find the proper resources. Keep an ongoing file folder in your Z drive folder of appropriate photographs to use in your presentation. KEEP ALL OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS TOGETHER. This will become important later on. Us this organizer to help you focus your research.

Friday, February 24

A significant number of teams did not get finished with their Jeopardy review games yesterday, so today will be a catch up day to get those finished. We will take a major grade test over all of the concepts from the last six weeks grading period on TUESDAY. Use your Quizstar tests and the Jeopardy games to help you review.

WednesdayThursday, February 22/23

1. Watch clip of Jeopardy so that everyone is familiar with the concept of the game.
2. In yur groups, create a Jeopardy Game that can be used for review of everything that we covered the last six weeks. Use the assignment sheet below.

Tuesday, February 21

1. Finish Audacity Introduction
2. Complete "Take me out to the Ballgame" lab; turn in file to drop folder
3. If time permits, begin Audacity independent assignment "Bart Simpson"; found here
This file is in the pick up folder; you should edit according to directions to the best of your abilities. When you have completed the file, turn in to the drop folder as a .wav file. This assignment will be due at the end of class.

Monday, February 20

Introduction to Audacity, which is a software used for sound editing. Your group will need one headset with a microphone to share and earphones for other members.

Tuesday-Friday, February 14-17

1. Complete Audio Visual Project. When you are ready to turn in the project, print out the rubric below for your group. Staple your script or storyboard to the rubric, and turn in to the box. Be sure to read the directions and submit your project to the proper locations.

Monday, February 13

1. Discuss appropriate places to find and download music for this class.

2. Add music to a Power Point presentation. Using the file provided, add a soundtrack to your Digital Scavenger Hunt.
3. Begin Audio Visual Project

Friday, February 10

Add a narration to a Power Point. Compose a short script and a narration to your A Day in the Life Power Point presentation.

Wednesday/Thursday February 8/9

1. Continue Audio Recording assignment(PSA). This will be due at the end of the class period. Print and turn in your script to the box. Put your completed PSA file in the drop folder.

Tuesday, February 7

1. Complete exercise and Power Point-Audio Recording
2. Begin assignment-Audio Recording (PSA). See assignment, rubric and sample at this website:

Monday, February 6

1. As a class, discuss sound recording vocabulary. Fill in the blanks on your handout as we go through the Power Point:

2. Begin introduction to the Audio Recording process; complete organizer using hand outs while viewing Power Point:

Friday, February 3

1. Video-The Facebook Obsession. Answer questions as you are watching the video.

Wednesday/Thursday, February 1/2

1. Continue Google Maps. Watch video to learn how to create your own map; in class exercise as a class.
2. Google Map Assignment-create your own Google map and post on your blog and wiki page.

Tuesday, January 31

1. Begin Google Maps. We will watch a short video as a class and practice obtaining directions.
2. Learn how to embed a map in a blog post or on a wiki page. Embed a map of your vacation destination into your blog post you created for warm-up.
3. If time permits, we will watch a short video as a class describing how to create a My Map. Practice creating a map with multiple locations.

Monday, January 30

Today will be a catch up day--when I was checking the wikis last night it appears that only about half of the groups are completely done posting the collage assignments. All group and individual collages are due at the end of class today.

Friday, January 27

Continue working on Photo Collage assignments.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 25/26

Continue working on Class Photo Collage assignment. Your class collage and group poster will be due on Friday at the end of class.

Tuesday, January 24

Begin "Class Photo Collage" Assignment. We will work on this project for the rest of the week. This project has an individual MAJOR GRADE and a group assignment MINOR GRADE. You must have your pictures taken, uploaded, and placed in the drop folder today so that they will be available for others in the class to use Wedensday/Thursday.

Monday, January 23

Complete and submit your "A Day in the Life" project to ALL THREE places that were specified on the assignment sheet. Do not lose points because you can't be bothered to read the directions. VERIFY that your slideshow runs automatically BEFORE you turn it in to the drop folder. Remember that your slide show won't run automatically in your blog or wiki page since Slideshare doesn't have that capability.

Friday, January 20

Continue "A Day in the Life" project. We will have a short lesson in how to set automatic timings on your slides.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 18/19

Begin "A Day in the Life" photo presentation project. This project is an INIDIVIDUAL project, however, you will go as group members to take pictures. Use your class time wisely; you must have all of your photographs taken by the end of class today.

Tuesday, January 17

1. Create an account at www.slideshare.net
2. Upload your Power Point presentation from Friday to Slideshare.
3. Use the html link from Slideshare to post the presentation to your wiki page.
4. Create a blog post containing your Power Point presentation.

Friday, January 13

1. Today we will have a class lesson about creating a Power Point presentation. Most of you already have basic Power Point presentation skills. We will go into some of the features you may not be aware of.
2. With your group, create a basic Power Point presentation using your pictures from last class period. Turn one Power Point presentation per group into the drop folder. Your Power Point should be saved using your GROUP NUMBER in place of your individual name, example: group3_scavengerhunt.pptx. Next week, we will learn how to post presentations on our blog and wiki pages.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 11/12

1. Receive your group's digital camera box. Using the handout, answer the questions about your digital camera. Each group member should complete their own handout. We will have a quiz on Tuesday.

2. Approximately 30 minutes into class, your group will go outside the room to participate in a digital scavenger hunt where you will be asked to take 15 pictures with your camera. This will be done as a group.

3. After you have returned to the room, upload your photos to your personal folder by using your firewire. Set up a file folder for these photos called "Scavenger Hunt" and rename your pictures so that they are descriptive of the photo they represent.. Each group member should do this. Erase your memory card when you are done.

Tuesday, January 10

1. Edit a partner's wiki using the guidelines on the assignment sheet. Someone else in your group will also be editting YOUR wiki entry at the same time. After all editting is complete, take a few minutes to go back and review your entry and make any final edits.

2. Complete the Peer Review section of the assignment rubric (on the front table). Fill in your name, class period, and vocabulary word at the top before you hand in this rubric to the box. This assignment is due at the end of class today.

Monday, January 9

1. Work on your wiki dictionary entry, remembering to include all of the components listed on the assignment sheet. You should have your entry completed by today.
2. Decide in your groups who will edit each other's wikis. You will edit one of your group member's wikis tomorrow.

Friday, January 6

1. Navigate to the class wiki and find your individual wiki page within the class wiki. Your first wiki assignment will be to establish a link from your wiki page to your blog so that others int he class may view it. We will demonstrate how to do this in class.
2. Begin Wiki Editting assignment using a vocabulary word that you have drawn from the hat in class. The initial writing part of the assignment will be due at the end of class on Monday. You will then edit one of your group member's wiki pages. that portion will be due Tuesday.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 4/5

1. We will spend about 15 minutes creating our first blog post. Pick up the instructions from the front of the room.

2. After you have created your blog post, publish it, and leave your window OPEN. We will rotate around the room as a group reading each other's blog posts. You will read EVERYONE'S blog post in your class period. Use the blog posts to determine who might be a good fit for your group members.

3. After you have read everyone's blog post, find a group of 3. When you have your group set up, come see me for your new seating assignment.

4. Begin Wordle assignment(see assignment link below). This assignment will be due tomorrow.

Tuesday January 3

1. Create a new blog at www.blogger.com If you do not already have a Google account(you do if you have gmail), you will be prompted to establish one, and you may need to use your cell phone to authorize. If you ALREADY have a Blogger blog, you may use it rather than creating a new one. Pick a SCHOOL APPROPRIATE name for your blog, and it is preferable to have your first name in it someplace. After all, everyone will be reading this blog and there will be a link on our PUBLIC website to it. Do you really want your parents to know you named your blog "Sexxy Sexxy Sara" or "This Blog is STUPIDD"? After you have created the blog, be sure you note the URL of your blog. WRITE IT DOWN along with your login id and password on an index card. You will need it for the next step. We will be using these blogs all semester.

2. Go to our new class wiki. Each class has a seperate wiki and you will be told the wiki address. Join the wiki. Use the same login information that you use to login to Quizstar (firstinitiallastnamepx; you rstudent id number for password). It is a two part process. Mrs. Clayton will need to approve you in order for you to proceed. While you are waiting, go to the next assignment. We will use these wikis for the entire semester to post individual and group work.

3. Create a Wordle to be posted on your blog. Pick up the instruction sheet at the front of the room.