Wednesday, March 21

In a blog post, answer the following three questions: What is the most important new story that you heard about during Spring Break or in the past few days? What media sources did you use to find out about this story? How do you feel the news presented this story so that it captured your attention?

Monday, March 19

No warm-up today.

Thursday/Friday, March 8-9

No warm-up; we will take the Movie Maker quiz as a class.

Wednesday, March 7

Only 7th period meets due to testing. No warm-up

Wednesday-Tuesday February 29-March 6

No warm-ups; we are working on a major project

Tuesday, February 28

No warm up today-Mid Term Test

Monday, February 27

What is the meaning of the word "ergonomics"? Why should we be concerned about proper ergonomics when we are using a computer? Create a short blog post addressing this issue.

Friday, February 24

No warm-up today.

Wednesday/Thursday February 22/23

Digital Audio Editing Quiz

Tuesday, February 21

No warm up today-continue with lesson from yesterday.

Monday, February 20

You will have 10 minutes to turn in yur audio visual project from last week.

Tuesday-Friday, February 14-17

No warm ups; work on your Audio Visual project.

Monday, February 13

What do you think is the biggest problem at Westside High School? Compose a blog post as if you were writing a letter to Mr. McDonough explaining this problem and offering up a possible change or solution.

Friday, February 10

No warm up today; watch a demonstration of adding a narration to a Power Point

Wednesday/Thursday, February 8/9

No warm-up today; continue writing your script for your Audio Recording assignment.

Tuesday, February 7

What is a charity or non-profit that you are interested in? Why are you interested in this particular organization? What would you want to share with people about it?

Monday, February 6

Create a new blog post answering the following three questions: "Why is sound important in our lives? What are some projects in this class that could benefit from having sound added? If you could listen to anything in the world, what would it be?"

Friday, February 3

No warm up today.

Wednesday/Thursday, February 1/2

No warm up today-begin Google Map practice

Tuesday, January 31

If you could visit anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? Write a short blog post telling me where you would go and why. Include a picture of your destination.

Friday/Monday January 27/30

No warm-ups today. Reminder that Dress for Success is tomorrow-5 points extra credit added to a major grade.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 25/26

No warm-up today; begin work on your Class Collage project.

Tuesday, January 24

Next Tuesday will be our January "Dress for Success" day. In a blog post, explain the purpose of this event and why it is important for high school students to learn how to dress in a professional manner.

Monday, January 23

No warm up today-finish A Day in the Life project

Friday, January 20

No warm up today-continue A Day in the Life project

Wednesday/Thursday, January 18/19

In a blog post answer the following question: "What are the three most important things that an 8th grader needs to know before they come to high school?"

Tuesday, January 17

1. Review notes for Digital Camera Quiz. We will take this as a class.

Friday, January 13

1. Some groups had trouble with the uploading of their pictures from the cameras on Wednesday/Thursday. Spend a few minutes making sure your pictures were uploaded. Remeber that you must sign in with my login to upload photos.
2. 7th period seniors and anyone else who was absent Wedneday/Thursday--please pick up the two handouts about Digital Camera basics and get caught up from Thursday. We will have a quiz over this information on Tuesday.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 11/12

Access your blog and create a blog post answering the following question: "How could I use a wiki for a class I am taking other than Digital Media?" There is no right or wrong answer. Be creative!

Tuesday, January 10

No warm-up today; spend no more than 10 minutes completing your wiki entry from yesterday before beginning to edit your group member's wiki entry.

Monday, January 9

No warm-up today; begin work on your wiki vocabulary assignment.

Friday, January 6

Complete the Wordle blog post assignment you began on Wedensday/Thursday. You must first save your Wordle as a picture using the method in the assignment instructions; then create a blog post using the picture and describing your Wordle in two or three sentences. This will be your first graded assignment of the semester.

Wednesday/Thursday, January 4/5

If you did not finish completing your Blog set-up and joining the class wiki Tuesday, please do that now. You can also add to the Word document you created yesterday if you did not finish it.

Tuesday, January 3

Welcome back! Your first warm up of the new semester will be to open a Word document and type two paragraphs about what you did over holiday break. Save this document in your Z drive folder. You will need it later.